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What To Expect From Dyslexia Treatment

What's it all about?

The material posted here will possibly treat and eliminate dyslexia in most individuals, provided they do not have multiple learning disabilities. Students who have multiple learning disabilities will require a much longer time period to learn to read well, using pure phonics. In most cases, the same type of improvement will take place, but obviously results vary depending on the individual. Here is what to expect.

1. Expect to see measurable progress. Over a period of time, you will see a tremendous improvement in the students reading and comprehension.
2. You will see improved reading, handwriting, spelling, listening, and improved learning ability.
Improvement will depend on three factors: Time, Intensity, and Duration.

Time: The more time the students spend on learning phonics and including phonics along with other lessons, the sooner their reading will improve.

Intensity: If students can handle a very intense routine, they will do much better at improving their reading skill. A very intense program would be three 20 minute lessons each day, six days a week.

Duration: The longer the students spend on the lessens, the better the results will be. For instance, a student who studies phonics only 20 minutes per day, five days a week, may see very little results. The student who studies three 20 minute lessons each day, five days a week will see more progress.

We recommend a minimum of three, 20 minute sessions per day, three days per week. Use Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, when possible. Adults should study three, 20 minutes sessions, each day, seven days per week, when possible.

The progress will be so slow that teachers may think the progress is coming from other activities and abandon phonics all together. The progress will be coming from phonics. Keep the lessons going.

The best results will come from students in the following situations, in the order given.

1. Individuals who can study on their own
2. Individuals in home school
3. Individuals in private schools
4. Individuals in public schools