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Student Workbook

What's it all about?

Phonic: Having the nature of, sound; especially, of speech sound

Phonics : A method of teaching beginners to read or pronounce by learning to associate certain letters or groups of letters with the sounds they commonly represent. Featuring the look-say method.

Phonics gives students the means to recognize individual written sounds, and translate those sounds into spoken words. These skills help the student learn to read quickly and easily.

Reading Problems

Reading is fundamental to our daily lives. If we can't read, we can't write and pass tests. If we can't take tests, we can't do well in school, get good jobs, and succeed in life. Reading teaches the meaning of words to help us communicate what we think and feel, and what we say.

Note to teachers
Teachers should review and learn before attempting to teach the lessons.

Repetition is extremely important in teaching phonics. If your students are not fast learners, they should repeat this course before advancing to the next level, which is "Rapid reading."
Use the assessment to measure their progress. Before starting the lessons, measure the students reading speed by counting the number of words they can read in one minute. Use the reading assessment guide in lesson 18.

Give the students a quiet place with few distractions where they can do their lessons. Whenever possible, have them do the lessons in the morning. That is when they are likely to be more productive.

The benefit of each lesson comes from completing an entire lesson, not just the individual exercises. Give students enough time to complete one lesson in each study period.


To learn how to read well, students need to know how to recite the key words and individual sounds. Teach the sound in the key words. The key words are known as the phonetic alphabet. These lessons will help students recognize and remember the sounds.

Test the students by having them read and repeat the sounds by using the key words as a guide. Have them read and pronounce both the written and spoken word. The word will sound the same when spoken and written.

Translating words to sounds

Objective: To teach the students how to say each sound correctly.

Instructions: If the written word sound has the same spelling as the spoken sound, check "s". If the written word in different from the spoken sound, check "d".

Test the students by having them read the words and sounds by themselves.

Phonics Translation Guide

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a as in ace a /ce a/ s a s ___s___d a as in arch a/r/ch/r/ch a/r/ch arch ___s___d a as in ask a /s/k a /s/k a sk ___s___d b as in bee b / ee b b ___s___d b as in brown b/r/ow/n b/r/o/n bron ___s___d c an in Caesar c /ae/s/ar S /e/s/ar S esar ___s___d c as in car c/ar k/ar kar ___s___d ch as in church ch/ur/ch ch/ur/ch church ___s___d d as in deed d / ee /d d / e /d de d ___s___d d as in dad d/a/d d/a/d dad ___s___d e as in eve e /v/e e /v e v ___s___d e as in end e/n/d e/n/d end ___s___d er as in Erwin Er/w/i/n Ur/w/i/n Ur/w/i/n __s___d f as in f-stop f f f ___s___d f as in friend f/r/ie/n/d f/r/e/n/d frend ___s___d g as g-force g g g ___s___d g as in grape g/r/ a /pe g/r/ a /p grap ___s___d h as in h-frame h h h ___s___d h as in heat h/ ea /t h/ e /t h e /t ___s___d i as in ice i /c/e i /s i s ___s___d i as in igloo i/g/l/ oo i/g/l/ oo i/g/l/ oo __s___d j as in jay j j j ___s___d j as in juice j/ui/ce j/u/s jus ___s___d k as in k-bar k k k ___s___d k as in keep k /ee /p k/ e /p k e p ___s___d kw as in quiet qu/ie/t kw/e/t kwet ___s___d l as in l- shape l l l ___s___d l as in leap l/ ea /p l/ e /p l e p ___s___d m as in m-five m m m ___s___d m as in mail m/ ai /l m/ a /l m a l ___s___d n as in n-tune n n n ___s___d n as in night n/ igh /t n/ i /t n i t ___s___d ng as in thing th/i/ng th/i/ng thing ___s___d o as oat oa /t o /t o t ___s___d o as in or o/r o/r or ___s___d oi as in oil oi/l oi/l oil ___s___d ou as in out ou/t ou/t out ___s___d oo as in cook c/oo/k k/oo/k kook ___s___d oo as in ooze oo /ze oo /z oo z ___s___d p as in p-wee p p p ___s___d p as in pop p/o/p p/o/p pop ___s___d q as in q-ball q q q ___s___d q as in quick qu/i/ck kw/i/k kwik __s___d r as in r and b r r r ___s___d r as in read r/ ea /d r/ e /d r e d ___s___d s as in s-curve s s s ___s___d s as in said s/ai/d s/e/d sed ___s___d sh as in ship sh/i/p sh/i/p ship ___s___d t as in t-top t t t ___s___d t as in tie t/ ie t/ i t i ___s___d u as in use u /se u /s u s ___s___d u as in up u/p u/p up ___s___d ur as in urn ur/n ur/n urn ___s___d v as in v-one v v v ___s___d v as in very v/er/y v/er/i veri ___s___d w as in w-two w w w ___s___d w as in with w/i/th w/i/th with ___s___d x as in x-ray x x x ___s___d x as in xylophone xyl o ph o ne z/i/l/ o /f/o/n zil o f o n ___s___d y as in y-axis y y y ___s___d y as in yell o w y/e/ll/ o w y/e/l/ o yel o ___s___d z as in zebra z/e/b/r/a z/e/b/r/a zebra __s__d__ zh as in garage g/a/r/a/ge g/a/r/a/zh garazh ___s___d Two letters, one sound er as in better b/t/er ng as in thing th/i/ng oi as in oil oi/l ou as in out ou/t oo as in look l/oo/k oo as in b oo ze b/ oo /z zh as in garage g/ar/a/zh ch as in church ch/ur/ch sh as in ship sh/i/p kw as in quack kw/a/k zz as in buzz b/u/z

Lesson 1

Written to Spoken Translation

Draw a line between the words that sound alike but have a different spelling:

Task 1

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1. a ce b e 2. arrow bron 3. b ee a c 4. brown arr o 5. car de d 6. dee d kar 7. e ve frend 8. friend e v 9. gr a pe h e t 10. h ea t gr a p 11. i ce jus 12. j ay l e p 13. juice i s 14. k ee p k e p 15. l ea p j

Task 2

1. m ail n i t 2. n igh t m al 3. oa t kook 4. odd od 5. cook o t 6. oo ze t i 7. r ea d u s 8. said sed 9. t i e oo z 10. u se r e d 11. utter z i l o f o ne 12. x y l o ph o ne uter 13. yell ow garazh 14. garage yel o

Task 3

These words have different sounds. Match the written sound to the spoken sound that has the same spelling. The sounds are different because some letters are plan and some are bold.

Written Sound Phonetic Sound red (color) r e d (r ea d) us (we) i s ( i ce is (are) u s ( u se)) Lesson 2

Translate these words using the translation guide.
ace _______________ are _______________
bee _______________ brown_______________
car _______________ deed _______________
eve _______________ friend _______________
grape _______________ heat _______________
ice _______________ jay _______________
juice _______________ keep _______________
leap _______________ mail _______________
night _______________ oat _______________
odd _______________ cook _______________
ooze _______________ read _______________
said _______________ tie _______________
use _______________ utter _______________
xylophone ___________ yellow_______________

Test the student on each word.

Lesson 3

Sound Division/Spelling Test

Spelling Test: First, divide these words according to sounds.
Then study for the test.

ace _______________ are _______________
bee _______________ brown_______________
car _______________ deed _______________
eve _______________ friend _______________
grape _______________ heat _______________
ice _______________ jay _______________
juice _______________ keep _______________
leap _______________ mail _______________
night _______________ oat _______________
odd _______________ cook _______________
ooze _______________ read _______________
said _______________ tie _______________
use _______________ utter _______________
xylophone____________ yellow_______________

Lesson 4

Translate these words using the guide words on the left.

1. a­ asp - fat _____________ bat _________ plaid________
2. a­ ah ­ car________ father _________ cot_________
1. a ­ ace ­ ape __________ date _________ play ________
1. b ­ bed­ brown _________ fable________ dub_________
1. ch ­ chin ­ latch ________ church ________ arch________
1. d ­ dad ­ dip _______ had __________ dodder______
1. e ­ eve ­ even _________ meet __________ flea_________
1. e ­ end ­ elf ________ ten _________ berry________
1. f ­ fall­ friend _________ after ___________off__________
1. g ­ get­ grape _________ haggle _______ dog ________
1. h ­ heat ­ house_________ head ________ hotel________
1. I ­ ice ­ bite __________ sky ___________ high_________
1. j ­ joy­ juice __________ agile _________ badge________
1. k ­ keep ­ kill_________ bake ________ coat________
1. l ­ leap ­ let_________ yellow_________ ball__________
1. m ­ mail ­ met_________ camel _________ trim_________
1. n ­ night ­ not__________ flannel_________ ton__________
1. ng ­ ring ­ anger________ tongue________ drink________
1. p ­ put­ pop ___________ apple___________ tip____________
1. r ­ read ­ red___________root ___________ purr_________
1. s ­ said ­ sell___________ pass_________ nice__________
1. sh ­ she ship ___________ dash__________ ocean_________
1. t ­ tie ­ top____________ rattle__________ hat___________
1. u ­ use ­ cute__________ few _________ pew__________
1. th ­ then ­ nothing_______ father________ the__________
1. u ­ up ­ utter _______ cut_________ color__________
1. v ­valve ­ vent ________ have _________ evening_______
1. w ­ with ­ will_________ wear _________ always
1. y ­ yes ­ yet,__________ yard___________ onion_________
1. z ­ zipper­ size__________ zebra________ rise______
1. zh ­ azure ­ leisure______ beige ________ measure_______

Lesson 5

Spelling Test/Writing Drill (word sets)

Students should study these words using the say-spell-say method. When they have had sufficient time to study each word, give them the test. Adjust the test the student's learning level. Some students might need up to 45 minutes to study.

Realign text tables after download

Test l asp fat bat plaid ace ape date play chin latch church arch eve even meet flea fall friend after off heat house head hotel joy juice agile badge leap let yellow ball night not flannel ton put pop apple tip said sell pass nice tie top rattle hat then nothing father the valve vent have evening yes yet yard onion azure leisure beige, measure Test ll 1. ah car father cot 2. bed brown fable dub 3. dad dip had dodder 4. end elf ten berry 5. grape haggle dog gag 6. ice bite sky high 7. keep kill bake coat 8. mail met camel trim 9. ring anger tongue drink 10. read red worst purr 11. she ship dash ocean 12. use cute few pew 13. up utter cut color 14. with will, wear, always 15. zipper zebra haze rise

Lesson 6

Recognizing Vowel Sounds

Practice and Test

Teachers note: Students should practice saying each sound while listening for the sound in each word. They should underline each word that does not have that sound. When they are done practicing, they will be ready for the actual test.

Instructions: Say the sound of the vowels on the left and underline each word that doesn't have that sound.

Task 1 1. a ape, date , play, tone, break fail, ate, day, tape 2. a ah, car, father, pull, cot 3. a asp, fat, parrot, hat, pat, boy, at, carry, gas 4. e even, pat, meet, money, flea, grieve, bee, she, eve, be, me 5. e elf, ten , berry flesh, book, pet, end 6. i ice, bite, high, wolf, shy, pie, by, bite 7. i is, hit, mirror, pit, pat, sit, lid 8. o open, plow, tone, go boat, toe, nose, own 9. o or , horn, law, oar, few, saw, all, caught, paw, form, horrid, hoarse Task 2 10. oi oil, point, toy, ice, noise, boy, coin 11. oo look, pull, moo, ice, wolf, took, book, good 12. oo loose, tool, crew, rule, moo, shy 13. ou out, crowd, teacher, plow, how, our 14. u use, unit, horn, few 16. u up, cut, color, flood, point, cup, love 17. ur urn, fur, deter, irk, urge, term, firm, word, cur 18. -er, perhaps, look, murder, butter, teacher, doctor Lesson 7

Recognizing Consonants Sounds

Objective: To teach students to distinguish between written sounds and spoken sound and to teach pronunciation using key- word sounds.

Instructions: Have the students practice before they mark the answers.

Students should say each word while listening and looking for a bold sound that does not fit in the bold group. After pronouncing all the sounds, the students will be ready for the test.

Test instructions: Circle the word that does not belong in the group.
They should take the test on the same paper that they used for practice.

Task 1

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1. b ook, b ed, fa b le, e dg e, du b , e bb , b i b, a b le, ta b 2. ch ew, ch in, cat ch er, ar ch , na t ure, ch urch, ar ch er, q uick, mar ch 3. d ay , e n d, d ip, bea d le, ha d , do dd er, d ee d, i d ea, wa d 4. f ast, f all, a f ter, o ff , ph one, f i fe , thi ng, ph ase, rou gh, f it, i f 5. g ood, si ng, g et, ha gg le, do g , g a g, an g le, ta g Task 2 6. h appy, h e, a h ead, h otel, h at, pa n 7. a pp le, g em, j oy, a g ile, ba dg e, j u dge , e dg e 8. k eep, k ill, tac k le, ba k e, ch in, c oat, q uick, k i ck , c at, pi que , k id oa k en, ta k e 9. l ate, l et, ye ll ow, o ff, ba ll , l id, need le , e l bow, sai l 10. m ake, b ed, m et, ca m el, tri m , su mm er, m u m, a m id, ai m Task 3 11. n o, n ot, fla nn el, to n , sudde n, e n d, ta p, pa n 12. si ng , dri nk , thi ng , f it, a n ger, dri n k, fi n ger 13. p air, lo ti on, p ut, a pp le, ta p , p o p, o p en 14. r ing, r ed, po r t, dea r , pu rr , r oa r, pa r t, fa r, ha t 15. s et, tru th, s ell, ca s tle, pa ss , ni c e, s au ce, ca s t, to ss Task 4 16. sh oe, lo ti on, sh e, m et, cu sh ion, da sh , ma ch ine, sh ip, di sh, 17. wa sh 18. t one, t op, sudde n, ca tt le, ha t , tigh t , stopp ed , me t er, sa t 19. th in, no th ing, tru th, vi s ion 20. th an, la z y, th en, fa th er, la th e, th is, th e, scy th e

Task 5

21. v ery, v at, ho v el, ha v e, v al ve, stopp ed, o v er, 22. w ork, w ill, al w ays, s w ear, th an, q u ick, w ith, a w ay, w it 23. y es, y et, on i on, tigh t, y ard 24. .23. z eal, z ebra, da zz le, ha z e, ri s e, x ylem, la th e, la z y 25. a z ure, la th e, vi s ion, lei s ure, bei g e, plea s ure, g ara ge

Increasing Reading Rate

Objective: To increase the students' word recognition rate in common words.
Students should be able to read the entire group of words within a designated time period.

Instructions: Students should practice reading the words as fast as they can speak clearly. When possible, have students time each other for practice. After students have had enough time to practice, record their time. The drills may be repeated in order to help the students increase their word recognition rate.

Lesson 8

Reading Reassessment Guide

Use the following task to assess the students reading skills.

Drill one

vision, leisure, beige, pleasure, garage, asp, fat, parrot, hat, pat, boy, at, carry, gas, very, vat, hovel, have, valve, stopped, over, ape, date , play, tone, break fail, ate, day, tape, thin, nothing, truth, vision ah, car, father, pull, cot, tone, top, sudden, cattle, hat, tight, stopped, meter, sat, elf, ten , berry flesh, book, pet, end, shoe, lotion, she, met

Drill two

cushion, dash, machine, ship, dish, wash, even, pat, meet, money, flea, grieve, bee, she, eve, be, me, set, truth, sell, castle, pass, nice, sauce, cast, toss, is, hit, mirror, pit, pat, sit, lid, ring, red, port, dear, purr, roar, part, far, hat, ice, bite, high, wolf, shy, pie, by, bite, pair, lotion, put, apple, tap, pop, open, plow, tone, go, boat, toe, nose, own, sing, drink, thing, fit, anger, drink, finger, all, horn, law, oar, few, saw, caught, paw, form, horrid, hoarse, no, not, flannel, ton, sudden, end, tap, pan, oil, point, toy, ice, noise, boy, coin, make, bed, met, camel, trim, summer, mum, amid, aim, look, pull, moo, ice, wolf, took, book, good, late, let, yellow, off, ball, lid, needle, elbow

Drill three

sail, ooze, tool, crew, rule, moo, shy, keep, kill, tackle, bake, chin, coat, quick, kick, cat, pique, kid, oaken, take, out, crowd, teacher, plow, how, our, apple, gem, joy, agile, badge, judge, edge, use, cute, horn, few, happy, he, ahead, hotel, hat, pan, cure, point, globule, good, sing, get, haggle, dog, gag, angle, tag, up, cut, color, flood, point, cup, love, fast, fall, after, off, phone, fife, thing, phase, rough, fit, if, urn, ear, fur, deter, irk, form, urge, term, firm, word, heard, first, cur, day, end, dip, beadle, had, dodder, deed, idea, wad, perhaps, look, murder, butter, teacher, doctor, chew, chin, catcher, arch, nature, archer, quick, march, air, ferry, book, bed, fable, edge, dub, ebb, bib, able, tab, ago, agent, sanity, comply, focus, about, item, edible, gallop, circus, than, lazy, then, father, lathe, this, the, work, will, always, swear, than, quick, with, away, wit, yes, yet, onion, tight, yard, zeal, zebra, dazzle, haze, rise, xylem, lathe, lazy

Lesson 9

Increase Reading Speed

Students should practice by reading the sentences as fast as they can speak. Students should not receive a passing grade until they can read the sentences within a specified time period.

Objective: To teach students to read and understand sentences as individual units of thought. This practice also helps the students learn to recognize words at a faster rate.

Instructions: Students can practice reading the sentences individually or with a partner. When they are satisfied that they can read all sentences without mistakes, give them a test.

Test the students twice. Test the first time to establish their reading rate. Test the second time to evaluate progress.

Reading Sentences in grammar patterns

Drill one

All he wanted to do was lie down and go to sleep. He lay down a minute ago and now he is sleeping. He is lying down because he needs the rest. He has lain in the same place for three hours. Lay the book on the table. I have been laying the book on the table every day. The book has lain on the table all day. Lay the board down next to the house. He lay down and went to sleep an hour ago. Sit by the door. Who sat on the couch? The dog is sitting by the window. Set the pot on the stove. Do not set a place at the table for me tonight. Mom is setting the table now. Please set it on the table next to the stove. You ought to stay home. You ought not to eat so much. You ought to leave.

Drill two

You ought not to go. He made three points and tied the game. I am not going to the mall today. I said put that down. The flower grows in the garden. The teacher lives here. The flowers grow in the garden. The teachers live here. These shoes are old. My sisters were here. My brothers have new coats. The boys do well in football. The car is black. The boys were here. My brother has a backpack. That student does well in school. The grapes weren't very sweet. The players haven't left the field. These cookies don't go very well with soda. Are you going to the party? Are your parents coming to pick you up? Are the twins coming with you? Where have the flowers gone? Why haven't they called? Doesn't he care anymore? There are three eggs in the bowl. There's a child in the store. The box of oranges is on the table. The group of girls were laughing. The girl and boy were walking together. Apples and oranges are in the fruit bowl. These shears are heavy. Those tweezers look like mom's. The trousers were dry. The slacks have been pressed. The pliers haven't left his hand. Soda or juice is her regular drink. The winner is either Sue or Mary. Neither the teachers nor the students are in the cafeteria. Neither the girls nor their brother was at home. Is either the teachers or the principal in the office? Today I beat my brother to the bus. Yesterday he beat me to the bus.

Drill three

Often I have been beaten him to the bus. Today I become serious about school. Yesterday I became serious about football. Often I have become serious about English grammar. Today is the day I catch the train. Yesterday I caught the train at noon. Often I have caught the train before lunch. He and I left the park together. She and he played ball together. They and we left home early. John and who else came late? He looked at Larry and me . The winners were Jerry and he . Frank and I played together. You and he are welcome to come. We boys were there. The contestants are we girls. Nancy is a hard worker. George left this morning. He did it himself . They did it themselves. It's raining outside. They're leaving at noon today. You're late for lunch again. I think this book is yours . This is our favorite movie. This doesn't belong to us, it's belongs to them. Who did you say lives next door? This book belongs to whom ? Who did you say brought the cookies? To whom does this pencil belong? Those are my gloves. I would like to have some of those grapes. Yes, you can play with those toys. Those children are playing too rough. He does whatever he wants to do. She doesn't live here now. It has happen before.

Note : Students can review "Phonics Made Easy" over and over until their parents and teachers are satisfied with the student's progress and reading skills. Students can study "Rapid Reading", which is a more complicated course, to learn advanced reading skills.

Final Test

When students memorize and recite the phonetic alphabet, they will have completed this part of the course.

Instructions: Learn to recite the phonetic alphabet by heart.

When your students can recite the phonetic alphabet by heart, they will be ready for "Rapid Reading."

The Phonetic Alphabet

The phonetic alphabet teaches basic phonics so students can learn the individual sounds. Bold letters are pronounced such as " a" in a ce. When the letter "c" is pronounced, we may hear an "s" or "k" sound. The letters "q" and "qu" have a "kw" sound.

The phonetic alphabet and key words are listed here.

Realign text tables after download

1. a as in a- plus 11. e as in end 2. a as in art 12. f as in f -troop 3. a as in a sk 13. f as in friend 4. b as in b -6 14. g as g -force 5. b as in brown 15. g as in grape 6. c an in c -clamp 16. h as in h -frame 7. c as in car 17. h as in heat 8. d as in d -day 18. i as in i -10 9. d as in dad 19. i as in igloo 10. e as in e -mail 20. j as in j (bird) 21. j as in juice 31. o as in odd 22. k as in k -bar 32. oi as in oil 23. k as in keep 33. ou as in out 24. l as in l -shape 34. oo as in oo ze 25. l as in leap 35. p as in p -wee 26. m as in m -five 36. p as in pop 27. m as in mail 37. q as in q -ball 28. n as in n -tune 38. qu as in quick 29. n as in night 39. r as in r & b 30 o as in o -ring 40. r as in read 41. s as in s -curve 51. w as in w -two 42. s as in said 52. w as in with 43. sh as in ship 53. x as in x -ray 44. t as in t -top 54. x as in xylophone 45. t as in tie 55. y as in y -axis 46. u as in u -boat 56. y as in yellow 47. u as in up 57. z as in zebra 48. ur , (er) as in urgent (better) 49. v as in v -one 50. v as in voice